2016 Rio Summer Olympics

I enjoyed watching this year and was glad, despite all the gloom and doom talk before hand, there were no major glitches for hosts Brazil. I watched mostly volleyball and football (I often avoid the S word: there is football, the world sport, and then the theatrical, over-hyped war simulation called American football). Also nice to see Brazil saved face against Germany after their 2014 Wold Cup dismantling, though I missed that actual match.

So while things went reasonably well for troubled Brazil, some US athletes obviously have a lot to learn about sportsmanship and grace. I’m glad to see both Solo and Lochte “slapped” for their big headed nonsense.


Hope, you lovely redneck, Sweden actually won before the shootout, there was a bad offside call. They proved their laid back style by winning their next round as well. Not “cowardly”, just own it.


And Lochte, you hot mess, it’s called pre-planning. You couldn’t have pulled off a totally debaucherous private party in Brazil? Drop a little coin, a hotel room across town, hookers and blow, a false name… Even if it had gone wrong and ended in scandal it would have been a few levels above “common amateur fratboy”. Congrats on getting your mommy involved too.

Looking at the megastars, I’d give U Bolt more props than M Phelps. While Bolt does do his poses for the camera, there is something more playful about it, a sense of modesty and fun with the glory. A smile beats an “autistic death stare” every time…

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