Train to Busan

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out any Asian film in the theater, much less horror. I heard a radio review about S Korea’s break out hit of the Summer, and first major zombie flick, plus a woman at Dragoncon told me where it was playing in deep Gwinnett.


It’s good zombie fun! They kept things nicely make up vs. CG, except for a few pile up scenes, but then I am heavily critical of CG. There is sort of a sappy father/daughter story through it all, but it’s classic Korean cinema to mix genres. And after all, they need some story to hang the monsters on. We need to care somewhat about these characters if we are vested in them staying “survivors”. I also sort of question if since Oldboy these films feel they need to have a “horizontal fight sequence”, but then on a train, such a fight would be logical.

There’s also a bunch of societal critique going on, trust of corporations and govt. reflecting current events in Korea, but it’s not so heavy handed and you can remain gleefully oblivious should you choose.

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