Gimme Danger

I didn’t mean to make this a month of music docs, it’s just working out that way. Jarmusch’s Stooges doc is pretty good. Apparently its an absolute rule at this point that you can not make a music doc without animation in the modern age, but I’m getting used to it, and it’s well done here. I heard one review on the radio imply they sort of skipped the bad dope part, but I wouldn’t say that. They didn’t linger or glamorize it, which I’d say is wise and responsible in light of the currently epidemic. It’s not like you can really translate the narcotic experience anyway, but you can see evidence of it, as Ig’s “pretty face goes to hell”. I heard in an interview the other day he’s been clean, short of caffeine and some wine, since ’83. I’d like to see more of the Hero’s/Berlin era, when Bowie essentially saved his life by getting him out of the US and to East Germany, but that’s for the Iggy doc, surely yet to come.

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