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Union Lane

One of several great graffiti lanes in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. The video is a quick stroll down one side of the lane; below, close ups of some of the work.

one of the bears on Union Ln

Girl on Owl in  Union Ln


Collingwood collage

If you’re following the Flickr account, I’ve renewed and the AU shots are going up. Many are graffiti, and while I haven’t finished the Collingwood, Mebourne, Victoria uploads, here’s a collage sampling some of the stuff. I’m sure I’ll make them for other neighborhoods down the road.

Collingwood collage

Back in the USA

So I made it back. Sydney became less about drinking (well not really, but no more goon mania) and skirt chasing, more about Aussie bud and some low fi animal gambling. I managed not to blow the last of my money on the street ladies of Kings Cross. Spent some pleasant afternoons drinking and exploring the city with a wasted stock broker type and a friend of a friend, Mick, who swung me by Bondi beach en route to the airport. Bondi bch was nice and not as over the top as I thought it might have been.
Then came almost 24 hour of continuous travel Sydney to Beijing, eight hour layover, the Beijing to LA, another short layover, then LA to ATL. Maybe to was more than 24…but I got some otc pills that helped me sleep much of it. And bless free drinks on China Air. Not the chince fest like so many other airline these days.
So I’m not quite together, still a bit jet lagged, and AU info will still be trickling out. This first video isn’t so stellar, just baking at sunset on the roof of the Oslo hotel in St. Kilda back in Melbourne, cracking up as wasted Italians and French play cards.

And the second more stimulating. Amelie operating one of Theo Jansen’s sculptures outside the Melbourne museum.

That guy’s work is far out: sculptures that can work on wind power, made of recycled materials, based on dinosaurs. Check out some more!

Escape from Victoria

Holy Shit! So, as stated: I heart Melbourne. But I finally caught my ride up to New South Wales and after two nights camping from an RV, am in King’s Cross, Sydney. Which in some ways threatens to be more off the hook that St. Kilda, Melbourne…. But life has taken on such a frantic pace, how can I say from sure? But it was definitely time to move north. I was in danger of becoming the loneliest man in Melbourne. But was constantly surrounded by lovely and fascinating European immigrant beauties, which I assure you, is worse than actually being the loneliest man. So on to Sydney, and Friday night, back to the States via Beijing. But GD Australia, you’ve taken a bite out of my ass! I’ll be back, mos def.

I apologize for this lame post, lack of detail etc but in time it’ll all come out. Plenty o’pics too. Just to remind myself: Oslo roof sunsets, Melbourne symphony, attempt to move to Fitzroy, Sabine, Amelie, Vanessa, Gabriella, Grey street hoover ho, the Nazi tease, Charlotte the Harlot, Annika, Richmond Pho, J H’s poster shop, Bianca, Ashleigh, Valerie, Sara, Sarah and Stu, Caroline and Andy, Anton, Anders and the Scans that didn’t go through, camping on the beach, Patrick and EA, wombats and wallabys dead in the road, Pasqual the possible tranny from Perth, Eda, Jemma at Outre, the video store, antique bookstore, Rosillas, the insane variations of gumtree forests, casinos and OTB, the hot Bromie and the London swipe in KC, the Egyptian 3G connection back in M, the Irish lads and the goon, French and the shisha, hottie with sick ink from Vancouver actually reading Hippos Boiled in their Tanks on the tram. Are you shitting me?

Life in overdrive. Too little sleep. Not enough time to process. More to come.

Down and out in St. Kilda

This has happened to me before… I get in some situation where good times start building like a storm. I mean days and days of party. I’m getting a bit lose and sloppy around the edges. Then right about the time I start to realize I need to reel the monkey in, get back in good road soldier mode, a few bits of bad luck set in and I crash. I’ve been chasing around a girl I most likely never had a chance with but still allow myself disappointment. It turns out I’ve been generous with vultures. And then the caper: I’d met some French on gumtree a week ago offering a ride to Sydney. We’ve been texting, then met in person when they got to town. All seemed good we were slated to leave town on the 16th. Then I awake to an SMS this morning: yes we did have fun yesterday, but we found someone else to take, good luck finding another ride. I have 10 days yet and there are tons of rides, but WTF! You don’t like me, have the balls to say as much so I can make other plans. Such cowardly shit. But then I’m the fool who still believes people are straightforward and do what they say they will.

Meanwhile it’s clear that St. Kilda is a dive neighborhood and I need to get out of here before it take a serious bite out of my ass. Lots of stories coming together, And Bali already seems like months ago. But lawd I sho got them road blues this morning…

Wild Rosella and Yuki the Mouth

Wild rosella are beautiful, but loud and aggressive. I’m not positive they are biologically parrots, but these, from what I understand are larger than bugies.

Saw Yuki the Mouth on the street outside Luna Park. Fucking amazing! He played digeridoo for 9 years and thus the addition to his skill set, circular breathing etc. I’d argue The Fat Boys or whoever actually invented beatboxing never played digg. I’m writing him and he’ll send me a link later.

Holy shit: Melbourne!

So I’m in danger of falling completely and hopelessly in love with this city. And like any new relationship, I should check myself, lest I become gushy, go on and on forever. It seems, after three days impression, like NYC crossed with PDX with a dash of SF, then chocked full of European and Asians, with freaking parrots flying all over, at least in St. Kilda. World class street art is everywhere, both cheap and antiquarian bookstores, music festivals, a foodie paradise, indie film galore… My flicker account is out of whack for now, so pics will come later.

After a night downtown (well actually my first night was spent killing time until a morning check in…and sadly spent in a 24hr McD’s, not wanting to roam the streets with all gear in tow, I sheepishly later realized I’d been very close to several of the great graffiti alleys) I’ve moved to the St. Kilda hood and have a private room for a week for only slightly more than the 4 room dorm was downtown. It’s a flophouse, with the whore stroll nearby, but the St. Kilda music fest is going on and most all rooms are filling up. I was lucky to get a spot at Oslo Hotel.

I already randomly ran into a guy I met at Iron Maiden in Bali last Feb., friendly folk in galleries and video stores, got my first pho in a year in Richmond and roamed Collingwood whilst trying to hit Richmond. Even being beat cash wise, there is enough culture that it’s a treat to be here. Maybe my bad luck I happen to have come during the best times in Australian economic history, maybe not.

I’m filled with a feeling like when I fist went to PDX in the Fall of ’94: I must live here some day!

Burning Man

Note: this film has nothing to do with Black Rock City, large sculpture or dusty boobs…

I caught this Australian indie with a short film called Cropped as an opener as part of the Sydney Traveling Film Fest. It was well done, and really sad. Plenty of sex, both as an expression of love and a man’s attempted to feel joy again after tragic loss. Black humor and numbing pain. Mathew Goode, who I thought was only a ho hum Ozymandias in Watchmen, does a great job in the lead. Put in in the queue and check it out.

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