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TAL: Americans in China

I started listening to This American Life about 10 year ago, but frankly in recent times had sort of burned out on it. The formula went stale. Ira shifted from the quirky to smug coloumn. Anyway, this is one of the episodes most relevant to my life. This and Dishwasher Pete on The Hound, but that one’s a downer. This one is not perfect either, but worth a listen. I prefer the second act to the first. And the TV claims are spurious. While I have been on Chinese TV, it wasn’t prime time…


Your chance to help fund a film project

My friend Brian is seeking funds to shoot a feature film out in Oregon to be called The Black Sea. Consider donating if you can!

33. Pete McBrayer

stand up comic, Athenian drinker, chess player

32. Tyler Kline

visual artist, American traveler, ancestral craftsman

31. Brian Padian

screenwriter, survivor

30. Ms. Nina

artist, activist, traveler, stripper, template for womanhood

29. Trevor Solomon

music promoter, musician, BE SURE TO CATCH MUSICFEST NORTHWEST SEPT. 6-9, 2007 Portland, OR!

28. Johnny Berlin

actor, writer, functional alcoholic

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