Patrik Keim Archive

Patrick Keim was an Athens, Ga based artist and iconoclast. He died Aug 31, 1998. I display these images here due to their previous virtual inaccessibility and in respect of his memory. Special thanks to Grandpa Purcell for help compiling these images.

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Pre-cum zine #3
precum#3 pc12 pc34
front/back cover pgs. 1+2 pgs.3+4
pc56 pc78 pc910
pgs.5+6 pgs.7+8 pgs.9+10
Booklet that came with Jack’o’Nuts album
jonfb jon12 jon34
JoN f/b cover JoN 1+2 JoN 3+4
jon56 jon78 jon910
JoN 5+6 JoN 7+8 Jon 9+10
Throne of the Turd Burglar show – Stovepipe Books ’95/month unknown
He is common 2344459180_1ca0112396_b.jpg polish boots with spit and tongue
He is common Fresh Meat Polish Boots

I only work so that I can drink

the vague perspectives that grind